Published on
Jun 4, 2021

What's the problem?

A friend designer was trying to learn Blender, a complex 3D Tool. He was trying so hard to understand the software, from 3D modeling to rendering.
After few months he showed me his first 3D scene, and it looked like a child drawing 😅.
All this hard work for poor results.
Child drawing
Child drawing
I tried to understand "Why ?". Why are you trying to learn 3D ? Why do you need 3D ? Why is it so complicated ?
3D Landing Page
3D Landing Page
He was trying to learn 3D so he can design beautiful and trendy landing pages.
But is there a easier solution than learning a new and complex software ?
The answer is no.

What's the current situation?

For a simple use of 3D, you have only a few solutions
  • 3D Software Learning a new 3D software is painful. Most of the time they are complex and not very user-friendly. If you want to render simple 3D shapes, it will take weeks. If you want to render complex scenes with the proper lightning set, it can take months.
  • 3D packs You can find some 3D assets pack for a Sketch or Figma Use on design marketplaces like ui8.net or Figma communities. 3D packs are a good solution, but it's difficult to personalize them. Because it's png renders of 3D assets, you can't change the color, the view angle, or the type of material.
  • Hire a 3D Artist I don't think I even have to explain myself but hire a 3D Artist can be very expensive. If you quickly need 3D assets, it is not the solution to go with.
From a designer point of view, when I'm looking to use 3D objects for my landing pages, I need
  • something easy to use ;
  • something quick to render ;
  • something customizable.
I need the product to allow me
  • to change color of the object to match my color scheme ;
  • to change view angle to match my design needs ;
  • to have only the 3D assets I need ;


With 3D and go, you can easily pick a 3D model, customize its colors and view angle, and export it in png for your personal or commercial use.
3D&Go is the perfect solution for designers searching for flexible 3D assets.

Customer attributes

  1. Flexible. You can customize the color, the view angle and the light of the object.
  1. Easy to use. No need to learn a complex 3D software to customize 3D assets.
  1. Fast. You can choose an object and export it in less than a minute.