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Jun 4, 2021
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When we are designing products or landing pages, we sometimes need to apply certain rules.
Do you now that the first information you give to a user will be the one he'll remember the most ? It's called the anchoring effect, and is pretty useful in product design or marketing.
There is so much principles and rules that it is very difficult to
  • find the right law for your need ;
  • save the information so you can find it quickly ;
  • learn how to apply the effect.

What's the current situation?

If we want to learn new UX laws we have a few solutions :
  • Google Find the law by searching it. If I don't know how the law is called I can try to answer in the searching console. It might not be what I'm looking for.
  • Specialized website You can easily find specialized websites that will give you a few laws. Only a few of them will give you guidelines on how to apply. But all-in-all, you'll have to search again every time you want to apply the law.
  • Masterclass You can also learn all this UX laws and practice them on a masterclass. But it can be very expensive.
From a designer point of view, when I'm looking to design stuff, I need :
  • all the UX principles for designing the best product ;
  • to know when I should use them ;
  • to know how I can use them ;
  • to have examples and inspirations.
I need the solution :
  • when I am designing a product ;
  • fast so I can use the principle quickly.

First Iteration

Our smartphones have become our second brain. Nowadays, we do everything with them, from ordering food to learn new stuff.
I wanted to always have a database of UX laws in my pocket, so a mobile application was an easy choice.
When the designer and the product manager are on a design workshop, they can use their smartphone and UX Brain to learn and implement UX principles.
UX Brain was launched as a mobile application. We reached 50 users within the first week but we had one major issue.
Problem ↓
Covid 19
With the pandemic, we had to change our work habits : all became digital.
For design workshops, you don't get around a table and draw wireframes on paper, you use collaborative online tools. UX Brain was enough to learn principles but not to practice them.
Users said that the app
  • is very convenient : they can easily find UX laws ;
  • help them understand and learn UX principles ;
  • need more examples and real case studies.

Futur changes

Designer and Product managers need to know the design tools when they are
  • designing ;
  • doing a design workshop.
We need to switch our platform and offer this documentation where they need it : Figma.
We also need to add more examples and real case studies, so that users can see how the law really works and use them with more comprehensive knowledge.

Second Iteration

We need to offer designers a Figma plugin where they can find UX laws to help them in designing products.
Currently building